National Highways consultation live

The Council is strongly encouraging residents to ask questions and share their thoughts on the proposal through the National Highways ‘Local Refinement’ consultation, which is now open. The consultation will run for five weeks from Thursday 12 May to Monday 20 June.

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Why we oppose the Lower Thames Crossing

Decisions that are made today will affect the people of Thurrock for generations to come. We have a duty to ensure the right decisions are made to protect our borough now, and in the future. We won’t stand by and accept a scheme that promises to be a greater burden on our area simply for the benefit of others.

This scheme will impact nearly 11% of our Green Belt land, and in total will swallow up nearly 10% of all the land in Thurrock.

We must seek assurances and a firm commitment that this scheme can and will improve the quality of life of people living and working across our borough.

By not listening to us early on in the process, those managing this scheme have wasted millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money. Money that could have been used to pay for even some of the mitigation measures we have been asking for.

Under the current proposals, the LTC scheme will deliver significant negative impacts on our residents. If National Highways continue to refuse to commit to improving the current scheme by addressing our concerns, we have no option but to oppose what is currently proposed!

This website has been updated to share with you, the residents of Thurrock, what National Highways are proposing for a new Lower Thames Crossing and why Thurrock Council feel unable to support them on this project.

All the information here is from our team of experts and based on information and meetings with National Highways. We still believe that more work is needed before the Government can make a decision. We remain deeply concerned that Thurrock will not benefit sufficiently to outweigh the harm to our quality of life.  Here is the same information we have available to us and we invite you to consider it and share with us your opinions. These proposals would have a significant effect on us all, we need to make sure all of our concerns are addressed before this is approved by Central Government. Thank you for your thoughts and support.